joseph E. magoto

Joe MagotoJoe Magoto co-founded Tall City Exploration in May 2012 partnering with Mike Oestmann. Prior engagements include COO of Vintage Expl., former Chief Technical Officer of Parkman Whaling, LP, Sr. VP at Ryder  Scott Co and Reservoir Supervisor at Exxon USA. At Parkman Whaling Mr. Magoto worked closely with clients’ technical staffs and reserve consultants, performing the technical analysis for recapitalizations and bankruptcy workouts as well as Ran the Divestures of a wide range of assets from offshore Gulf of Mexico to Midcontinent coal bed methane development to water flood projects in West Texas. At Ryder Scott Joe was on the Board of Directors and was the lead participant in more than ten audit teams for major oil companies. Joe led Ryder Scott acquisition and divestiture teams in evaluating the reserves in more than 45 transactions, several of which were multi-billion dollar, and which teams included Exxon Corp., Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, Inc., Unocal Corp., ConocoPhillips Co., Freeport-McMoRan Oil and Gas Co., Devon Energy Corp., Union Texas Petroleum, SantaFe Natural Resources Inc., KCS Energy Co., as well as for Deutsche Bank AG and several other companies resulting in successful financial transactions. At Exxon USA Joe supervised the Corpus Christi District reservoir team as well as coordinating & Teaching at Exxon’s Reservoir Engineering School in Houston on special 6 month assignments. Joe graduated Summa Cum Laude in Chemical Engineering from The University of Tulsa and presently serves on the Petroleum Engineering Industry Advisory Board of that university.

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