Curriculum Committee
Review curriculum, visit instructors, review class material and labs, provide guidance in terms of improving the course material.
Chair: James Bobo
Members: Stuart Cox, Clayton Evans, Ron Hinn, Ken McQueen
Faculty: Evren Ozbayoglu
Employment Committee
Recruit companies to come to campus, provide information about companies which normally do not visit campus, liaison between students and potential employers, pseudo-interviews with students to improve their skills.
Chair: Allen Sinor
Members: Ed Behm, Andy Eltiste, Chris Haugen, John Hornbrook, Chuck Horsman, John Lindsey, Patrick Porter
Faculty: Mohan Kelkar
Recruitment and Retention Committee
Follow up letters and phone calls to prospective students, visit schools, provide speakers for SPE events and graduation, field trips.
Chair: Greg Lalicker
Members: Marlin Garrett, Mark Hatfield, Jack Kueser, Dean Metusalem, Ken Oglesby, Tamy Pollard, Ralph Veatch
Faculty: Randy Hazlett
Survey Committee
Collect data from current students, evaluate information to improve the quality of the program, collect data from past students and employers, assist in ABET evaluation process, provide feedback to the department and evaluate the response of the department.
Chair: Mike Heinz
Members: Rip Bross, Chris Jacobsen, Joe Magoto, Randall Woods
Faculty: Holden Zhang